Kenzo Takada Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

TOP PRIZE: Kenzo Takada was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the 55th Fashion Editors’ Club of Japan Awards ceremony in the Japanese capital on Wednesday Jackets & Coats. Hiromichi Ochiai, of streetwear brand Facetasm, was granted the designer of the year prize.

Takada had received accolades by the club twice previously Thermal Underwear, in 1972 and 1999, the year he retired from his fashion house. While the 78-year-old designer has called Paris home for over half a century, he made the trip to Japan to accept his award. Takada spoke briefly about his plans for the future.

“I’m getting older, so I don’t think I’ll do the same job [I used to do] again. But I would like to work with people from different countries, with different young people, in various areas other than fashion, such as lifestyle and perfume. Even if it’s just a little bit Swimming, I would like to keep working,” Takada said. “And in a personal sense, because I’ve been removed from Japan since a fairly young age, I feel like I don’t know Japan very well. So while I can still get around, I’d like to make some time to increase the number of trips I make back to Japan and to stay here longer. I want to see and learn more about Japanese culture and lesser-known places in Japan. My most fun project right now is discovering Japan.”

Takada also had a few words of advice for younger Japanese designers, such as Ochiai.

“Even though I’m in Paris, I often hear about young Japanese designers who are quite active. But because I’m in Paris, it’s just something I hear. I can’t really see it for myself,” Takada said. “And another thing I’ve noticed lately is that young Japanese people, including young designers, aren’t going abroad as much. When I hear things like that I think it’s a bit sad. I think if young designers have decided on a goal or dream, they should go overseas when they’re younger. Actually being able to experience different things with the five senses really provides great inspiration Swimming. I also want them to take more risks while they’re young, and to work hard in a more international way.”

For his part, Ochiai said he was honored to be chosen to receive an award that had been given to so many great designers previously, and that it motivated him to work even harder. In addition to Takada, previous recipients of the designer of the year award include Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Chitose Abe, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld.

Some years have included an international designer of the year award as well Knitwear, with past recipients including Christopher Bailey, Frida Giannini and Stefano Pilati. This year that honor went to Alessandro Michele of Gucci, who was not able to accept the award in person, but instead sent in a recording of his thanks.

The FECJ was started in 1952 and includes some 40 members. Due to financial constraints on the industry, this year was the first time since 2010 that the awards were given out and a ceremony was held.

Here’s the real meaning behind the ‘something old Clothing, something new’ wedding rhyme

The rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” refers to the things a bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day to have a successful marriage. And like most superstitions, it doesn’t entirely make sense.

There are, of course, many psychology-backed and scientifically grounded ways to have a better marriage. But wearing those four items is a tradition that many people like to keep Hunting & Fishing.

This particular phrase and tradition likely comes from Lancastershire, England. The oldest written reference to it is in an 1871 issue of St. James Magazine, where the author complains about the tradition Shoes.

A more thorough explanation was later encoded by Charlotte Sophia Burne, the first female president of London’s Folklore Society, in her 1883 publication “Shropshire Folklore: A Sheaf of Gleanings.” The full rhyme Accessories, it turns out, has an additional line:

Something old,

something new,

something borrowed,

something blue,

and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

What do each of those things symbolize? Let’s break it down.

“Something old” is to provide protection for the bride’s eventual baby.

“Something borrowed” refers to something that another happy bride has already worn. It’s meant to transfer their luck onto the new bride’s relationship. Some sources also say that the garment is meant to ward off the evil eye from spurned suitors, which would presumably leave the woman barren. For that reason, it was recommended to use “the undergarment of some woman who has been blessed with children” because the clothes “communicate fertility to the bride.”

The “something blue” is another “device to baffle the evil eye.” It’s recommended that one wears blue garters under a white wedding dress Suits & Blazers, according to Burne.

And “a sixpence in her shoe,” of course, is a symbol for prosperity for the new couple.

There’s no source or meaning behind “something new.” It might just be there to make the rhyme work.

Taken together, a bride who wears those five things has the ingredients for a successful marriage in the years that follow.

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Author to visit West

both Portsmouth West Middle School and Portsmouth West High School to speak to students about writing and publishing. McGinnis, an Otterbein graduate and Edgar-award winning author, uses rural Ohio as a common setting in her writing.

No stranger to awards and praise, McGinnis’ debut novel, Not a Drop to Drink, has been optioned for film by Fickle Fish Films, while A Madness So Discreet won the 2016 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult novel Sportswear. Her most recently published novel Bras, The Female of the Species, was given a Starred Review by School Library Journal in addition to the novel’s other honors such as The Kirkus Prize 2016 Nominee for Young Readers Jackets, SLJ’s Best Books of 2016 for Young Adults Bras, and Goodreads Choice Awards 2016 for Young Adult Fiction Plus-Size.

Coachella 2017 Fashion and Beauty Trends Sheer and Sporty Pieces, Glitter Roots, Braids and Bold

Whether you’re heading out to Indio, California, for Coachella – or you’re just excited to take in all the music and festival fashion from the comfort of your home – ET has your complete style guide of what to look for at the desert this year.

From “glitter roots” to ’90′s-inspired getups, industry experts weighed in on all things fashion, makeup and hair. And if you’re wondering if the flower-crown trend is out — we got that answered for you, too.


TRENDS TO LOOK FOR: Mixing streetwear with feminine styles. Think ’90s-inspired ensembles with a splash of sheer and athleticism.

KEY ITEMS: Body jewelry, bodysuits, bralettes and athletic-inspired pieces Knickers.

Brittany Nichols, Chief Merchandising Officer of LuLus, tells ET that this year it’s all about sheer dresses and destroyed T-shirts.

“Showing off your bralette/bikini under a cut-up vintage band tee or sheer dress is a great way to celebrate girl power,” she explains, adding, “Gypsy-like kimono robes with a boudoir twist fall in line with the ‘pajama trend’ this year and offer that boho vibe that Coachella is known for.”

Alle Fister, Founder of Bollare, a full service beauty, fashion and lifestyle firm, predicts much of the same. Her biggest trends to look out for include track pants, trainers, mesh and lace.

She says to expect some of these major trends on known Coachella queens like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez.

“These girls are all so forward with their style,” Fister notes. “I see a mixture of off-the-shoulder tops paired with athletic bottoms (track pants) and styled with bold accessories – oversized and vintage sunglasses, metallic boots, a baseball cap and inner-wear peeking through their outerwear.”

Her biggest tip if you’re venturing to the festival? “Embrace swimwear as a body suit or layering piece!” she says.

Jordana Fortaleza, CEO and Creative Director for J.D. Luxe, a traveling mobile-store that specializes in festival-wear says crocheted bodysuits or two pieces and sheer tops will be all the rage – but so will decorative bandanna scarfs.

“The ’90s aesthetic is big this year too and I think you’ll see a lot of that inspiration at Coachella,” Fortaleza explains, predicting, “Staples would include vintage band tees, high rise denim shorts, and sneakers!”

And if you’re wondering if you should pack that flower crown, our experts agree that trend is out Bikinis, sort of.

“The flower crown is out, but we still love flowers in our hair. This year Sportswear, we think they will be more incorporated into the braid trend or seen on body art…strategically placed flowers, if you will,” Nichols says.

Our experts also agree that hats are a great way to shade your face and look chic and say two-piece sets are still in style, too.

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On a budget? Nichols says the most affordable way to add that extra Coachella flair to any outfit is all in the shiny details.

“Buy that body chain and let it shine,” she says.

Other accessories you can bank on? Strappy sandals, vintage-inspired sunglasses, baseball caps, fringe backpacks and pouches!

VERDICT: You really can’t go wrong with a simple white tank Shorts, lacy bralette or cool bikini top, destroyed cut offs, a chic bandanna (also perfect for protecting yourself from sand and dust storms), strappy sandals or funky trainers and some body jewelry.


TRENDS TO LOOK FOR: Vibrant colors and glitter galore – aim to stand out in the desert and try trends you wouldn’t.

KEY ITEMS: Vibrant and tinted mascara, glittery lips, a setting spray and primer.

Step outside the box and be daring with your makeup this year!

Sephora PRO Jeffrey English tells ET bold eye looks are going to be a huge hit this year.

“This year, we expect to have beauty at the forefront of festival style with a lot more color and creativity,” he explains.

“Coachella is a playground for women to explore, play and express themselves… With the use of colored mascara and bright eyeliner, we can expect to see bold eye looks all season long,” he adds, noting that this adventurous trend adds dimension to the eyes in a fun and colorful way.

MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Caroline Hernandez echoes this sentiment.

“I think brightly colored eyes will be a big hit as this trend will be directly influenced from what we’ve seen on the runways lately – lots of bright blue/turquoise, bright green, bright pink and bright red. This may even be taken to the max and lips may be matching in color,” she shares.

Hernandez also says not to shy away from metallic and glittery lips!

“There’s always an element of glitter somewhere. This year, I think we will definitely be seeing [it] again, and it will be on the lips,” she reveals.

“I think metallic lips are still going to be making a hit this year too,” Hernandez point out. “This is a fun look which is easy to do and, perhaps more importantly, easy to upkeep at a festival.”

Jerrod Blandino, Co-founder and Creative Director of Too Faced Cosmetics, agrees, predicting we’ll see “super strobing skin, metallic and glitter everywhere.”

But with so many funky looks to experiment with, making sure the makeup doesn’t smudge in that hot desert sun is key.

PHOTOS: See The Best Celeb Looks at Coachella Last Year!

“The best way to prevent this from happening during festival season is a makeup setting spray or setting powder,” Blandino says. “After you’ve completed your look, just apply the translucent setting powder or setting spray to lock in makeup for all day, sweat-proof wear.”

As for some of our favorite festival-going celebs? Hernandez says makeup artists who work with starlets like Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry generally keep it simple but tend to add one “statement.”

“I think this will be the same for them all again this year with the addition of some glitter, perhaps under the eyes, or on the lips, metallic lips or lids or super bright pops of color.”

Blandino tells ET he expects this on these famous ladies, too.

“I envision lots of metallic, glitter and super luminous skin balanced with lots of lash and pops of color on the lips,” he says.

Whatever you opt to do makeup-wise, all our experts also agree that it’s important to prime and stay hydrated – a facial mist is a great item to pack and keep with you throughout your Coachella escapades!

VERDICT: If you’re feeling courageous, add some bright-colored mascara to your lashes – the turquoise will likely pop! Also try experimenting with glitter under your eyes or on your lips. Don’t hold back!


TRENDS TO LOOK FOR: Long waves and braids for days!

KEY ITEMS: Hair glitter and hair bling!

It’s all about braids and mermaid locks this year.

Anthony Holguin, a stylist at 901 Salon in West Hollywood, says long boho hair is so in, and tells ET we should look at Vanessa Hudgens, one of many of the salon’s many famous clients (and a Coachella queen) as a prime example.

“Skip the cutting, adding extensions is the new cut,” he exclaims. “We’ve seen everyone rocking this long lock look like Vanessa and I think it’s a Coachella must this year!”

Holguin also predicts the ‘dos around the desert will be more innovative and edgy than we’ve seen in the past.

“Try using some wire in braids,” he suggests, also noting that a crystal hair crown or an amethyst head piece could be a fun way to make your look more creative.

Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar, also predicts that braids – in any form – will be a festival hit.

“They’re easy, great on dirty hair and there’s a braid for everyone,” she explains to ET, remarking that hair accessories will also be a key staple.

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“I think you will see more hair glitter, especially at the part,” she notes, adding that “cool barrettes and [hair] accessories are having a moment.”

If you’re looking for any tricks or tips to keep your hair looking great in that desert heat, Webb recommends a detox conditioner and a shine spray to keep those locks hydrated while Holguin says using a dry texturing spray is also a crafty trick – and doubles as a dry shampoo.

And if you’re trying to decide on a Coachella-appropriate manicure, Essie Celebrity Manicurist Michelle Saunders says nail art is still in and that highly pigmented pastels are a major spring trend Clothing.

“The vibrancy mimics the current florals we are seeing in social media content,” she notes.

But if you’re hoping for a more neutral look, that works too!

“Chrome, metallic, and sheen is as popular on nails as it is in jewelry,” she shares. “It’s an exciting choice when you are feeling more natural.”

If you’re on the hunt for some tips to keep your nails look fresh, Saunders suggests gel polish – as it won’t chip like regular polish. But, if you aren’t a fan of gel, she says to bring your polish with you to patch up any nicks!

VERDICT: You’ll look super stylish with any type of braided ‘do – and try the glitter root trend if you really want to stand out or do something unique this year. When choosing a nail polish, the brighter and bolder,the better – and opt for gel!